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13 Christian Ways a Good Wife Can Show Respect To Her Husband

13 Christian Ways a Good Wife Can Show Respect To Her Husband
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Showing respect is as important as expressing love in a strong and loving marriage. Here are thirteen simple but powerful methods for a wife to demonstrate her appreciation and respect toward her husband, which can significantly enhance their relationship and foster a deeper connection.

1. Listen Without Interrupting

Listen Without Interrupting
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Listening without interrupting is a powerful way for wives to show respect to their husbands. This approach can positively influence a husband’s actions and thoughts, similar to how Abigail skillfully guided David with respectful words. By focusing on encouragement and understanding, a wife can strengthen her relationship and potentially steer her husband towards better decisions without being confrontational or negative.

2. Avoid Belittling Him or Being Sarcastic

Avoid Belittling Him or Being Sarcastic
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Avoiding sarcasm and belittling comments is crucial for wives who wish to respect their husbands. Proverbs 12:4 suggests that a wife can uplift her husband, becoming his “crown,” or demean him, acting like “rottenness in his bones.” Respectful behavior includes not publicly shaming or comparing him to others, which fosters a supportive and positive relationship.

3. Affirm Him Verbally For His Work

Affirm Him Verbally For His Work
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Affirming a husband verbally for his work significantly boosts his self-esteem and sense of worth. Men often find a strong connection to their work, which can sometimes overshadow other aspects of life. By praising his efforts and acknowledging his contributions, a wife provides meaningful support that resonates deeper than compliments from others, reinforcing his identity and value in a profound and personal way.

4. Support His Goals and Aspirations

Support His Goals and Aspirations
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Supporting a husband’s goals and aspirations is a fundamental way a wife can demonstrate respect and partnership in marriage. The role of a wife as a helpmate, as described in Genesis, is not to diminish her status but to highlight her influential capacity in supporting her husband’s endeavors. This empowerment can greatly enhance his achievements, much like the story of the wife who believed she could have helped any man reach millionaire status.

5. Take Care of Your Appearance

Take Care of Your Appearance 1
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Maintaining one’s appearance is an important aspect of showing respect in a marriage. While acknowledging that men are often visually oriented, the emphasis is on wives feeling good about themselves and expressing it by looking their best. This effort is not about conforming to unrealistic standards but about being the best version of oneself, which signifies respect and commitment to one’s husband, reflecting a positive self-image and mutual admiration.

6. Prioritize Intimacy in Your Marriage

Prioritize Intimacy in Your Marriage
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Prioritizing sex in marriage is crucial as it acts like a bond, fostering unity and connection between spouses. It is especially significant for husbands, who often feel closest to their wives through physical intimacy. While there are legitimate reasons for occasionally declining sex, consistently doing so can make a husband feel rejected and inadequate. Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship helps strengthen the marital bond and reduces temptations.

7. Yield To His Leadership

Yield To His Leadership
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Yielding to a husband’s leadership, as outlined in biblical scriptures like 1 Peter 3:1 and Ephesians 5:22-24, is viewed as a form of submission that mirrors the relationship between Christ and the church. Though controversial in modern cultural contexts, this concept is meant to foster unity and obedience within marriage. The analogy of road rules—where failure to yield leads to problems—highlights the importance of following divine guidance in relationships, emphasizing that submission does not imply inequality, as seen in the equality of the Trinity.

8. Give Him Space

Give Him Space
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Giving a husband space is essential, especially when he feels overwhelmed. Allowing him time alone to breathe and collect his thoughts doesn’t signify rejection or a desire to leave. Instead, it provides him the necessary respite to clear his mind and return ready to engage and address any issues more effectively.

9. Stay Loyal and Be Faithful

Stay Loyal and Be Faithful
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Loyalty and faithfulness are cornerstones of a strong marriage. Staying true to your spouse not only fosters trust and security but also deepens the emotional bond between partners. Being faithful in both actions and intentions is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the relationship and ensuring both partners feel valued and respected in their commitment to each other.

10. Show Interest in His Activities and Do Them Together

Show Interest in His Activities and Do Them Together
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Showing interest in a husband’s activities and participating in them together can greatly enhance marital connection. Men often feel more connected through shared physical activities rather than conversation alone. Engaging in sports or other active pursuits together may initially be quiet, but it fosters a deep sense of closeness and partnership, revealing the unique ways men experience bonding.

11. Support His Family

Support His Family
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Supporting a husband’s family strengthens marital bonds and demonstrates respect for his roots. By embracing his parents as part of your own family, you contribute to a harmonious relationship and show commitment to the broader familial unit. This support is crucial for maintaining positive relations and fostering a sense of unity and belonging within the extended family.

12. Don’t Gossip About Your Marriage Struggles to Others

Dont Gossip About Your Marriage Struggles to Others
Image Credit: United Liberty

Avoid gossiping about your marriage struggles to others. While seeking help from mentors is beneficial, sharing private issues with those who cannot offer assistance or may spread rumors can harm your relationship. It’s important to maintain discretion to protect your spouse’s dignity and the integrity of your marriage. Opt for professional or trusted guidance rather than discussing problems with acquaintances or friends who might not keep your confidence.

13. Avoid Too Many Single Friends

Avoid Too Many Single Friends
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Maintaining too many close relationships with single or divorced friends can pose a risk to your marriage. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these friendships, surrounding yourself predominantly with single or divorced individuals may influence your perspectives and behaviors negatively. The saying “Bad company corrupts good morals” suggests that married individuals benefit from having friends who are also married, as they can offer relevant support and encouragement for maintaining a healthy marriage.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up
Image Credit: United Liberty

To ensure a thriving marriage, respect and love must coexist. The Bible instructs wives to respect their husbands, addressing a fundamental need in men. To gauge the effectiveness of your efforts, directly ask your husband if he feels respected. Open communication is key. Remember, it takes two to make a marriage work. May God bless your union as you strive to honor and uphold these principles.

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